Day 2 of Thankfulness

OK, post up a little late but it's here.
The brief essay today on my Thanfulness list is the comics.
My day is not complete without a little bit of humor.
I read every single comic in the paper and like those that make me think as well as laugh, like "Doonesbury". Cal only reads a few select ones like Bizarro and Rubes.While "Pickles" is one I often chuckle over with Cal, mainly because of the funny truths about the relationship of an older couple, it is not the first one I look to at this time of year.  No, that honor goes to "Mutts" by Patrick McDonnell. His entries on what you are thankful for are endearingly drawn and tug at my heart. Today the sentiment is 'family'.
Now, I know many of you just head over to the MSN homepage in the am. Others still get the newspaper; but, rush to the front page or the sports news. I do skim the entire paper even to read my horoscope (no, I'm not a silly ninny who believes in any sort of magical ideas - it's just part of my humor for the , like the occasional "Dear Abby", too). Comics though are my 'go to' first off. Cal is often the one who picks up the paper from the front step and always sets the comics aside for me. When the newspaper first started printing funnies in color every day and not just Sunday, I was overjoyed.
Stacy Julian, co-owner and co-founder of Big Picture Classes, talks about colors making her happy. Me, too! Nothing like a bright and silly moment.
Yes, I am truly thankful for the funny, silly, wise and thoughtful moments that come when I read the comic strips each morning.

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