OK folks, I missed a post last month. I think that means more blogging this month.

This is a drawing I've done for an ATC request on the Fiskateers board. I always tell myself that creating several small pieces of art is really more than I should undertake. Then, I get the yearning for the challenge. This is going to be simpler than what I've attempted in the past.
I'm going to print this image out and color it and attach to a piece of cardstock. I may add some techniques, glitter and jewels but an original drawing is, I hope, sufficiently "arty". After all, a lot folk use rubber stamp images or use phtos. Anything "art" goes on an ATC. I always like to see what folk create.Obviously, the theme is Mermaids!
Often, I do interactive ATC's flip books, shaker boxes, etc. This, so far, is pretty conventional. Not to say I did not challenge myself, I did. Maybe I need to have the beach horizon line appear higher, not sure. I was trying for her sitting at the edge of an island. Oh, well, it may have to do. I have some art homework and some scrapbook projects to complete. Do not ask me if the house is picked up. You know it is not!
I tried to go "junquing" today but was not inspired by what was in the shops I visited. Maybe I'll try again later in the week. My problem knee and my neck problem really put the brakes on much shopping!
As I noted on FB - meniscus tears in my left knee with a 2 month wait for surgery.
Looks like some great light outdoors right now. I can certanly move well enough to grab a few photos of the flowering fruit trees so I'll post this for now. Yes, I'll try to be a better blogger this month.

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