A Bit of Humor at CHA

I love the delicate feminine feel of Webster's Pages, even the line I'm featuring in this post. However, do you get the feeling, like I do that maybe the folk at WP were subtly laughing at the "trends" of scrapbook design with trendsetters. Normally, I'd expect an edgy look to something named trendsetters. This line, though, has every kitchy theme you could imagine except for gingham. Then again, maybe  missed that one. On the paper you'll see butterflies, dress forms, birdcages, antique phones (well, "old" phones, things I've used in my lifetime are not quite "antique", no comments here kids, LOL!), word art, cameos, vintage taxis, 50's fashion, and asian influence. They did scatter in some birds.
Yes, pretty much the major trends as one walked the floor at CHA.
So, a better name might have been trend sneeze. Hardly trendsetter. Don't get me wrong. You'll find this line fun and pretty and has colors and patterns that are definitely popular and trendy and you'll love to use these papers and embellishments.
Just don't expect something "trend-SETTING'.

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