Yes, scrapbooking when I should be...

Taking a class and using the experience to finally get some travel pictures scrapped. Have much to do around the house but hobbies vs housework and bills. Now, really, what is going to win?
Actually I spent time this afternoon writing a comment for the Paperclipping Roundtable episode "I Fought Sorting by Color" that you can read here
I really like the discussions almost as much as the podcasts themselves!
I do have an excuse for my indolent life today though. My jaw is sore - new wire in my braces. Uncomfortable - Nice looking teeth.
Not that I've done a lot with scrapbooking, lately, a few pages. Mostly, wasting time on the web and listening to classes. I'm a well educated scrapbooker! I'm also enjoying the pictures Chris and Laurel are sending on Facebook. Looks like a fun honeymoon! Since they are visiting alot of the spots Cal and I went to last year it's been great to revisit through their eyes.
Must get some of the photos I took of the wedding edited and printed. reminds me that I need to do that for my friend Bennye, too.
Well, must get some stuff done at home. Plans for some short but fun, domestic trips in the not too distant future. Will tell you more later dear readers.

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