Tags are IT!

Have enrolled in Nic Howard's class at BigPictureClasses. While this pre-class assignment took me a while to get done, I'm pretty happy with the results. Got to play around with my Tattered Angels stuff - Glimmer mist, chalk, glaze and glam. Then there was ink - Tim Holtz's Distress, Quick Quotes chalk and Staz ON! Copic colored metal, lots of techniques like rolled edges, fussy cutting, hand made roses. I'm looking forward to this class.
I've found a lot of fun classes lately that allow me to explore messy cool stuff!
Oh, I think paper and glue and pre-made embellishments are fun too. The more tactile stuff is the more fun it is for me. The mess clean up is the hard part!
Other than scrapbooking I've been looking forward to Chris and Laurel's wedding. The groom's parents do get lucky re: that; and,  he has a couple of sets of those, so spreads out the minimal demands, LOL!
Have also been shopping for a second house. Real estate is a crazy business! I mean, I've bought a few houses in the past and while those were a bit anxiety provoking the experience was OK. Now, no anxiety. After all, I already have a nice home. However, with short sales and creative listing prices and other real estate ploys it all seems more of a game than a real experience. Very entertaining. Who knows if I'll get a house despite all my offers. It's supposed to be a buyers market but it sure doesn't feel that way. Very Alice in Wonderland!!!
Nothing creative planned this weekend. Well, maybe some good photographs. Looking forward to some family time the next couple of days!


Ms. Jackie said...

Great Job. They are sooooooooooo nice.

NatureLovinGirl said...

The tags are awesome! Great job!

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