Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun, Friends, Fiskateers at Scrapbook Territory Berkeley 8/28/2010

It was a lot of fun getting together with old and new friends at Daniela Costa's class and crop at Scrapbook Territory yesterday. Scrapbook Territory is full of wonderful scrapbook, card and paper crafting supplies. It's a little crowded, especially for a crop but when everyone is such fun - who cares much?
Grateful, though, that the Crate &Barrel outlet store was nearby so I could buy a cushion to put on the hard chairs. Getting up, moving around, exercise only go so far. It seems like some stadium cushions are a minor expense to increase customer satisfaction. I'm hopeful that Green Tangerines plans to continue their concept of comfort seating when they re-open.
I'm listening to Paperclipping Roundtable as I write this. It seems to be influencing my wandering writing style. Actually, it's probably my style which is the reason I love that show that seems to wander all over at times.
OK, back to yesterday. It really sums up as fun. Lots of Fiskateers at the event and lead Fiskateer and my friend, Angela Daniels came by and added to the fun. She demonstrated the anywhere punch. I had been sure I'd not really want this tool but I'm considering it. If you make a lot of cards you'd probably like this. Those windows are pretty neat once you get the hang of using the tool. I'd like some kind of thing for leverage, though. Punch needs too much pressure.
I think most of the nonFiskateers attending were ready to beome part of this very fun group by evening's end.
Daniela had some charming little projects for us to make - a little birdhouse ornament and a banner.
She has a fun, colorful style and personality.
My pals Jackie and Diane as always are so fun to "hang with", as my son would say. Loved meeting my friends from the internet, old friends like Jennifer and my new friends. I really must admit that I miss all the social life from work. My scrapbooking outings are not so much about what I accomplish or what I learn or even what I buy (though my family might challenge that latter statement) it really is about the social stuff. Eat, chat, laugh, eat, chat, laugh, scrapbook, did I say eat, chat, laugh?, shop, shop a little more, chat, laugh! LOL!!
Yes, a wonderful day!


Sudie said...

Love looking at the wonderful pictures. Glad you had fun

Jennifer N. said...

Great photos and write-up. I had a great time! said...

I had so much FUUUUNNNNN! I need to come visit you more often!!! SOOOO sad I'm missing that La Font trunk show this time around, too =)

Tifany said...

I agree - I had a ton of fun!

Daniela said...

Karen, what great pics! I had a BLAST with everyone! Thanks so much for coming and making it FANTASTIC!

Tona said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll be in the area in a couple of weeks & that store is on my "must go to" list lol. Nice to know that there's a Crate & Barrel outlet near by too. I'm hoping that Green Tangerines will be open by the time I head home.

Ms. Jackie said...

OMG, we had so much fun. Cannot wait until the next one