Sunday, April 13, 2008

I guess it's not a "real" blog

I think it probably needs daily entries to be a "real" blog but it just is not going to happen. I do write a lot of entries on the Fiskateer message board so I suppose I could keep up here. Maybe I'll do better in future weeks?
Tonight was a fun evening. My two sons and the oldest DS' GF were over to have turkey dinner with us tonight. Sort of Xmas in April. Great dinner by the DH and I got some of the house cleaned up so that's good.
Did a little drawing earlier of our birdbath and the next door cat sitting under it. Dear "Cleo" will never sit still for me to get a good photo of her. Perhaps, later this month, when I fet my new digital SLR? Meantime, a drawing. I think I'm going to turn the drawings into stamps as I bought a stamp making kit. DH always refers to his projects as "experiments" so my justification for buying this stuff was for an "experiment". This phrase justifies a lot of very unnecessary purchases in our household!
The kids and I were discussing our plans for the next few weeks. DS1 and DSGF are planning Cinquo de Mayo celebrations on May 3rd. They are of that age where whether or not they work the next day figures a lot into activities. I believe Cinquo de Mayo is still the 5th of May and so on the Monday.
In this household May 3rd will be honored for Derby Day and National Scrapbook Day.
The week prior my LSS, Scrapbook Station, will be having a big crop party.
Their annual parties have a theme. Two years ago Hawaii, last year Pyjama Party. Yes, I wore jammies and big fluffy pink slippers. This year is Pirates and I have a hat and a Tinkerbell pin from Disneyland. I think a vest, cut offs and sandals and a few skull and crossbones. ( I hope those skull and crossbone scissors I won at the Fiskars TV site arrive in time for me to wear them on a sash - at what was once my waist.)
The kids got carried away with ideas for my costume. They decided that an eyepatch might not be the best thing if I actully plan to work. They then decided on a "peg leg" and I must admit a few tears of laughter trickled down my cheeks as they described me in a decoupaged and bedazzled pegleg with an interchangeable stamp pad at the end! Families!
Pink flower photo taken last Wedneday at Kaiser Walnut Creek, CA.

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