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52: Building a Multi-Faceted Creative Career with Pat Wood

Welcome to today's show! We have Patricia Wood, Karen's friend, and teacher, with us today. Pat is a professor of art at American River College, where she is currently teaching printmaking and drawing. She is also the director of the Kaneko Gallery, which is the campus art gallery. Today, Pat tells us about what she's doing at American River College- the fabulous art shows she's put together for the Kaneko Gallery, and the fun projects she's coordinated with her students. She also talks to us about her background and the kind of art that she creates. Listen in today, to hear all about Pat's creative approach to her life, her art, and her stimulating and multi-faceted job.
The Kaneko Gallery is situated at the American River College in Sacramento, California. Pat has been the Kaneko Gallery Director since 2016, and she coordinates and produces all the shows that are held there. Pat is also part of the Permanent Collection Committee for American River College, which oversees the college art collections for the 200 campuses in America that have part of the Andy Warhol estate. Tune in now, for more.  
Show highlights:
  • Pat discusses the various art shows she coordinates for the Kaneko Gallery every year. These are massive undertakings.
  • This year, Barbara Range, the curator, and director of the Brickhouse Gallery will be the juror for the annual student art competition.
  • Pat explains why her bookings run way into the future.
  • Coordinating art shows has been a lot of fun!
  • Building an entire room within the gallery.
  • American River College now owns an Elizabeth Catlin linoleum cut print, a Jacob Lawrence silkscreen, and a Simela Lewis woodcut.
  • American River College has some beautiful art.
  • The Warhol Collection, consisting of photographs and silkscreens, was gifted to American River College.
  • Finding the best way to create a map for the art collections.
  • Teaching art appreciation and an introduction to art history.
  • Making a public art piece was an interesting assignment.
  • Pat talks to us about the art that she creates.
  • Pat has been focused on drawing, with a bit of mixed media, for the past couple of years.
  • Pat had some sketches in the recent SMD (Sacramento Municipal District) show.
  • Pat got her MFA from the University of Arizona in 1997 and she later became a double major.
  • Pat talks about the time at the University of Arizona.
  • What Pat has noticed about children and art.
  • Why everyone should create some kind of art.
Pat Wood link Patricia Wood Art
Pat Wood is correct, American River College is not the only community college that received grants from the Warhol Foundation, but most recipients are universities. For a complete list of recipients, you can go to Photographic Legacy.
Links to individuals and places mentioned by Pat Wood in the podcast:
Jodie Hooker 
Mick Sheldon
Kaneko Gallery 
ARC Kaneko Gallery
Student Show submissions 
Barbara Range, Brickhouse Gallery 
Shenny Cruces
Angela Casagrandes 
Rachel Clarke 
art new media link to photo at the Rachel Clarke show 
Fan Lee Warren 
Unity Lewis   
Unity and Samela Lewis 
Samela Lewis
The History Makers: Samella Lewis 39
Black Arts Movement 
Jacob Lawrence 
Elizabeth Catlett 
Betye Saar 
Charles White 
Charles White migration series 
Crocker Art Museum 
Sarah Mattson 
Ken Magri 
Linda Gelfman 
Garr Ugalde 
Figurative Angel Sculptures
Ruby Chacon 
ARC campus painted mural 
Randy Schuster
Wayfinder’s map 
Dolores White
SMUD Gallery 
Craig Smith 
Lorrie Kempf 
Laura Parker 
Joy Burtinuson 
American River College (ARC)  
University of Arizona, Tucson
Sacramento City College 
University of California Davis 
Haleh Niazmand  
Stephanie Ryan  
Pima Community College  
Tucson Arts Foundation 
Sierra Community College  
San Joaquin Delta College 
Rillito River  
Mount Lemmon 
Rose Canyon 
Alan Short Center 
Fairytale Town 
Art Folsom prison 
Rehabilitative Arts CA State Prisons 
Davis Art Center 
California Youth Authority Arts Programs 

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