Starting a Podcast

Yes, I'm starting a podcast. "A Creative Approach Podcast" will launch, with any luck, at the end of November 2016.
I'm not a newbie. My first podcast experience was as a guest on the Paperclipping Roundtable show. I co-hosted The Digiscrapgeek Podcast for two years from August 2014 until it went on hiatus in September of this year. However, I am creating a new podcast of my own.
I love this "Second Golden Age of Audio," as I heard it described, at Podcast Movement 2016. The easy portability of podcasts has a lot to do with this evolution. It I go for walks with "Marc," Marc Maron's WTF, to be precise. Love that show. There I go, dressed somewhat appropriately for the weather, pink earbuds in with my iPhone at hand, and I'm off on my trip around the block. I flip to Bluetooth in my car to continue shows or listen at my computer or bedside like regular radio.
"Don't you just enjoy everyday sounds on your walks?" Yes. Occasionally, I take a walk focused purely on the moments and sights and sounds along the way; it's part of my love of what is happening and being in the present. More often, though, I enjoy the company. Marc is not my only walking partners. Elsie and Jess from She Podcasts are often my walking buddies, too. There are others; WTF and She Podcasts are my most frequent companions. I have learned a lot from my fellow podcasters and the "pro-casters."
The idea behind my podcast is to feature conversations with people who emphasize the creative in life. Some are talented artists; other guests employ innovative approaches to problems in science, business, and other areas of life. I firmly believe we are all creative. In many ways, our relentless passion for innovation and originality makes us human. I like to listen to the stories and think my audience will enjoy them, too.
Independent podcasting is a lot of fun! While the professional podcasts from radio personalities or known entertainers do command the largest audiences, we indie podcasters fill in niches. I remember going to Podcast Movement a couple of years ago, and while there I asked attendees about their podcasts. So many times I'd hear men say, "wrestling" or "boxing." I realized these were sports followed by huge numbers of people but were not a focus of everyday media. Foodies, fashionistas, and fun-lovers have created fantastic podcasts. There are many stories to be told.
My podcast recordings have started, and I'm working on all the details of production.
I'll report back when I have more news.

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