I no longer take my knitting

Knitting projects and needlework canvases used to be an important part of my "carry on" luggage. Ever since sharp objects on a plane became an issue I've stopped bring handwork. Coincidently, smartphone apps have become more abundant. So, games, and when wi-fi is available, social media occupy my time. I did pull out and work on a pencil drawing over a year ago, but, that trip I had the luxury of no one next to me in my two-person row. I'm also a little too self-conscious to work on my art much of the time on a plane. However, I just purchased a new iPad Pro, and I think it may change my in-flight habits once again. I saw a preview of the photo editing app from Adobe. It's very cool. I'm going to download that soon. Photo art may replace FreeCell and Facebook as airworthy pursuits.
I did take a trip to visit family and friends on a journey ranging from Seattle to Calgary. Fiskateers was a great on-line group that Fiskars sponsored years ago. I made some good friends through that group and had a chance for a fun visit with one of those friends. Thanks, Cathy, for the opportunity to eat at The Tilikum Cafe and for introducing me to the world of aerial workouts. The facility with the trapeze classes in the main auditorium and the curtain dancing and pole dancing room was fascinating. Oh, to be 30 years younger and in perfect health! I think that would be a delightful place to work out.

Speaking of working out, I did not get enough exercise this trip and ate too much good food; just before the holidays, too! It was all worth it even if it's back to the diet again today. I had breakfasts with high school chums; when you went to a small boarding school, that's like seeing family. Family dinners at spectacular places like Seattle's Dahlia Lounge, Victoria's Cafe Brio, and Calgary's Workshop Kitchen were just replete with fellowship and fantastic food.

A Scrapbook page about dining with Elle at the Workshop Kitchen in Calgary.
Supplies- Kit - OneLittleBird, Woodridge; staple - Wishing Well Creations - Aflutter, dots - PCO, MeTime collab, PCO, BermudaTriangle, collab; stitching - WishingWellCreations, Stitched Down, page design template - Raquel Bowman at BPC ; distress edge - Vinnie Pearce, MakerII, distress papers - Kim Jensen, School Zone / Sahlin Studio, vintage worn and torn paper; fonts - Traveling Typewrite, Bohemian typewriter, shadows - Mommyish

The Royal Tyrrell dinosaur museum in Drumheller, Alberta was enchanting and expertly presented. I like the fact that you can see not only magnificent specimens; but, also, the process of finding and preparing these fossils. Since our visit was Sunday, no scientists were working; nonetheless, a big picture window in front of the lab let us view all the equipment and specimens at the workstations. I loved the educational aides, fun videos and graphic displays at the museum. Several of the displays are interactive and especially perfect for kids. The magnitude of not only the size of the specimens but also of contemplating the expanse of evolutionary time is indeed mind-boggling!

A scrapbook page I did about the museum.
Supplies: staple - Studio Wendy, Designer Resource, Template Elements, Kit - Vinnie Pearce, April 18th, sample, Watercolor; Inflight, Fonts -4990810, Traveling Typewriter, Avenue LT 65 Medium; Ribbon - Amanda Yi Designs, Limitless; twig - Ziska, Northwind; flower - Lynn Grieveson, Posey Kit

From riding on the Victoria Clipper ferry to splashing with my baby great-nephew in a kiddie pool to all the beautiful scenery, food and family and friends (the high school buddies were so fun!), it was the sort of visit that enriches the soul and broadens the mind.

While I am sad about some of the anger, hate and bad behavior in the world, a trip like this gives me a sense of all that there is for which I am thankful, including returning to a loving family at home.

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