Storage items at the deflecto Booth - CHA 2016


deflecto was a great stop at CHA 2016. The award nominated 3-tier dessert stand was a winner in my book. 
You'll see this item in the photos above my comments, itself and with displays of cupcakes and cake pops.
Their tiered cylinder storage is an excellent container. Not only can you determine the length of the cylinder by adding or removing the dividers, but if you choose not to use the dividers they stack as the lid. No lost dividers and ready for reconfiguration. 
Stackable storage, rail mounted storage, tilt bins are all fantastic. You should not use the stackable storage with filled supplies at the height as is demonstrated here with empty containers. Still, filled containers can be stacked, the height dependent on what items one stores. I could use this in my craft room. Love the portability and visibility of contents of this product, too.

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