Planning for retirement

Whew! I am planning to slow down. I mean it! Since I'll be officially retired in a few weeks, I think it is time.
I've been feeling very tired and sore lately and it's largely because I'm pushing myself. OK, I've said yes to a few requests. Mainly, though, it's me.
I think the very time demanding physically trying stuff needs to be cut back. I'm going to limit my art making because that is hard to do when one has to meet deadlines. I'll mainly dabble at that. Most everything else in my life except laundry is quite manageable. I've modified a lot, even laundry. Laundry is something I've spread out over several days. Hauling wet stuff out of the machine and folding and hanging things push the limit. Son, Joe H., has been a dear and helps me with that.
Oh, it's been great fun making lots of art. Scrapbooking, particularly digi, is way easier though. I like the constraints of a 12 x 12 page. I've done other formats like mini books, 8.5 x 11 and odd shaped pages and pocket pages. 12 x 12 is my favorite. I like the constraint of the conventions too: photo, title, journaling and embellishments.
Art, of course, pushes boundaries spatially, physically, emotionally and artistically. So, it's nice to have art as an option. Smaller doses than I've been at, though.
It will be my present to myself as I reach the age which everyone (well, maybe not some people my age or older) considers to be "senior". I understand boomers place that definition at somewhere around 78-80. We do not "feel" old mentally but for many of us the wear and tear and health conditions make our bodies tell us it is true, we are getting old.
I'm very aware of the sense of time left and very cognizant that I'll not meet all the goals in the next 20+ years that I hope for. It's OK.
People, of course, are what matters most. Even there, hoping for love, kindness, and acceptance with all is an impossible goal. Perhaps worth trying though.

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