Back from the anniversary celebration

 Celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary and Cal's 81st birthday a little early by taking a trip to Reno.  We break the drive up  as neither one of us does long stretches in the car well and as short as the trip is we could not drive it without stopping.
It was a beautiful drive but it looks like some of the trees in the Sierra are dead, possibly from the sort of beetles that damaged our backyard redwoods. That's not something one wants to see.
We enjoyed time with our friends, Ray and Judy. Always lots of laughs.
Since we just got back this afternoon this will be a short post. I did get a wonderful old photo for #throwbackThursday up on my Facebook page and will try to import it here tomorrow. My Mom is a baby in the photo and she has an expression on her face that is one I've noticed on Donovan's face. Maybe it's a genetic expression?

I have made a few changes to the "Your Garden" LO and will post that revision tomorrow, too.

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