Preparing to be awed by CHA

 I must admit that I was tempted to go to CES this year vs CHA. Those acronyms are Consumer Electronics Show and Craft and Hobby Association. Cameras and computers make me as breathless as stacks of pretty paper and embellishments. Pretty ended up trumping electronics.
I'm looking forward to learning more design over the next few months and just know all of CHA will be inspirational. I'm hoping to take an analytical approach to what I see so I'll learn something. I suspect, I'll be standing there ( or perhaps on a scooter, I think I'm stronger than in the past but not sure how these joints will hold up) with big eyes saying "Ooooo!", in Awe.
I love how clever everyone can be and how quickly they seem to put everything together.
Before I left home, I tried putting together a process video of a scrapbook page. No special page, nothing fancy. I thought that getting my process down would be a help to me more than a help to others, though I did illustrate a few points. Always a teacher!
Now, will you see it posted here? Not sure. I will post the LO when I get home and I'll likely film more and try to edit the footage, so to speak. It just may be too bad to show. I know, it wouldn't be the first bad You Tube video and it would be a first one done by me and could be forgiven. Still, I did not realize just how disorganized I can be when crafting nor how clumsy. It's not just the wonky left arm which did cut short a bit of the filming one evening. Maybe I should go for a comedy version? I may just need to "scrap" the project and try again.
As, I said, it's a learning experience. I know for sure I'll be watching the tutorials here to see if
I can pick up pointers. More likely, though, I'll just be gobsmacked with all the beautiful designs and awesome creativity.
I'll try and post a few highlights of the event in real time on the blog. It's not easy to do so in the middle of everything though. I may just end up with a summary post after the show is over.
Take care folks. Best wishes for a great 2014! (Nope, never did get the cards sent out, LOL!)


Cindy deRosier said...

Have a wonderful time at CHA! Anxious to hear all about it!

jhon haverd said...
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