Went to a new crop group this past weekend

 I was very productive on Saturday. Went to a crop where I met some nice folk. Even met someone who had done some work for Charity Wings and the new Art Center. Awesome! I am looking forward to CHA Las Vegas (Craft and Hobby Association) and seeing my fellow volunteers and other friends there and the new products.
I started out finally finishing my No More Coffee layout. I have not quite got it down to zero but I'm down to one cup in the am with an occasional cup of tea in the afternoon. So, better. No More works well with the glitter letters, third try a charm.

I'm still working on learning digi. I know a few things but am reviewing the basics with Jessica Sprague classes and am learning a few tricks to make things easier and faster. Not that it is fast to learn digi; but, I am getting there! Here is a quick page with a Photoshop edited photo and a little more practice with brushes and leading on my type.DC is a sweet guy to scrap about!

Just a few paper layouts. I loved the photo of the flowers. I saw the light as soon as Meghan mentioned it but I need to train my eye to see it more readily on my own. Since one of Joe's favorite sushi rolls is Rock and Roll the photos on the table were perfect with this line of paper. Now why would I scrap terrible phone photos of service station rest rooms? Well, because there was a story to tell, of course! Last, but not least, Club Scrap made the line of lighthouse papers and that was perfect for the photos I had from Nova Scotia from a couple of years ago.

An eclectic assortment of pages that were fun to do. I hope to do a lot of scrapbook pages this summer. We'll see. These all came together quickly, which made it a lot of fun!


Susan said...

the coffee one is my favorite. maybe because I would have the same look on my face?!?!? I just love how you add so much depth and texture with your embellishments. I need to work on that!
have a great day!

BethW said...

Goodness you have been productive. I've taken a few classes from Jessica and thoroughly enjoyed them all.Unfortunately I promptly forget everything I've learned the minute I step away from the computer!

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