Poor neglected blog

 Susan won the BPC certificate and Cindy the Scrapbook.com one. Your loyalty despite my going a bit AWOL last month was rewarded!
LOAD and my class work took a lot of time. I just did not have time to get creative on my blog.
I'm going to put some of my pages here to show you what I was working on. I got more into digi, shadows and everything. I, also, used Keynote on my iPad to create a couple of basic pages. I need to figure out more about that program. I'm thinking it can work a little like a Smash Book or Project Life in some situations.
Some of my new found digi skills:

The larger photos are the LO's I built from scratch following directions in Debbie Hodge's Get It Scrapped, Scrapbook Coach class. The others are modified quick pages or templates.
Here's an example of using Keynote: 

Yes, I did not finish all 31 LO's but I did complete 25. 
Some of my paper projects:

 You will notice an obsession with food this month. Must have something to do with my going on the medically managed weight loss program at Kaiser. It's not going to be easy. It's pretty boring and Cal's diet is worse than ever - he eats so many tempting "wrong" foods and I cannot even begin to suggest that weight gain might have something to do with his worsening arthritis.
I'm leaving him home while I head for Canada for a few days, soon. I will really be upset to not be able to eat a coffee crisp. Oh, well. I have to keep my improved health in mind.
The hot weather has come to Sacramento, I know it may not stay until July but I am looking forward to enjoying the pool!


Gail said...

Great layouts!
Good luck not eating real food in Victoria!

Susan said...

thanks so much!!! I am totally impressed with your digital layouts. they really look like the ones you do with actual paper & embellishments!
best wishes on your diet in Canada! and you timed your departure well....100 today and 106 next Saturday?!?! I wish I could go with you!

Cindy deRosier said...

GORGEOUS layouts! I never would have been able to tell which were digi and which were paper. My favorite is the "Dude" layout - adorable baby and such a beautiful layout.

Thank you for the sb.com gift certificate!!

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