Nadia and me in the bras I designed for the Be Aware Flash Mob and bra auction

Nadia in the bra and with Jo Pearson's lighted Minnie ears on her head

Karen with Jo Pearson 

Such fun! Got a photo with Vanna and really surprised Cal with an autograph. We are devoted watchers of Wheel of Fortune!

Hamming it up with Rina and Lisa at the Charity Wings booth

Robin moderating

Wendy Crafts
 Just a few photos from CHA. Will look for more to share!

Do check out my friend Angela Daniels' cute You Tube video. I contributed to the photography in that one (the photo of her with Jo Pearson and the one with Steve Piacenza).

Also, cousin Nadia has started a blog. I think a couple of months she'll need to change the name to The Once Virgin Crafter!


Sandy #1781 said...

Great fun pictures Karen! I love your bras and am so glad you joined the flash mob (flash)! I wish I could have been there. I'm still looking for a video of it.

Nadigrl said...

Haha thanks for your confidence in my future crafting ability!

Tona said...

It looks like you had a great time at CHA.

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