a little too busy

Yes, I've been over-doing and that required some serious pain medication last night. Today, we (Angela Daniels, Laura Durrer, and I) took a lot of breaks on the trip back; so' I'm doing OK but will head to bed early.
Had a wonderful time in LA.
Mark Montano had a successful book launch for the Big Ass Book of Bling. Mark is just so creative and possibly one of the nicest people you could ever know! A wonderful host - he served up some flavored vodka drinks, which were a great hit, as was a delightful entertainer, Meiko. Buy his book! It's only $12 on Amazon. I am also offering a copy as a prize for one of the folk who comments on this blog post. Make sure there is a way to link back to you for you to be entered in the drawing. 
Met up with the Craft Ladies, Karen (Tiffany Anne Price) and Jane (Lauren De Long), check out their web show here http://www.craftupnicethings.com/ ; and the fabulous Jonathan Fong http://www.jonathanfongstyle.com/ who among many other accomplishments is a representative of that fabulous Shoe Attitude I used recently. Saw friends Kathy, Liz and Sheila and the silly and always fun Tami Bayer.

 Really enjoyed the fashion district of LA. Stacy and Terre from Spellbinders, who also attended Mark's party, joined us in the morning there. The fashion district is a bit visually overwhelming but so cool. Loved all the color and bling! Angela Daniels mothered me nicely, making sure I had water, nourishment and rest and she carried my stuff when I found it heavy. (Of course, it kept me from slowing her down too much!) In exchange, I gave her "princess" lessons! (You call the valet to order the car, you do not need to go down to request it). Great street food in the Alley. I loved my taquitos!

A real highlight was seeing my friend Nicole, who I had not seen in a couple of years, and catching up. Her son had just married the week before so I got to see wedding pictures, too! A very special and precious 40 year friendship!

I never heard from Glenna so have had to pick another winner. Mormor, you are a lucky women. I swear I've sent you at least two other prizes! I used a random number generator and tested it after to make sure it was working randomly - it is. You are just very lucky. (Yes, Mormor, you can enter my latest contest. Though I hope others will not be discouraged from entering. I do pick the winner randomly!) Send me your snail mail address, Mormor, and the package will be on its way.


kellystar said...

my goodness...it looks like you had a big a** blast! I see that Angela still can't stop wearing orange! What a wonderful, busy time it looks like you had.

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Looks like you girls had a great time. Now take it easy for a few days!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

It looks like such a fun trip! Glad you had a great time!

MORMOR said...

Definitely looks like you had an absolutely marvelous time. Hope you are now resting and able to regulate the pain. Chronic pain can be a real b****. I am sorry I am once again the winner. How about in future it is okay to comment but not qualify two times in a row. I do not want others to be a MorMor hater. Thank you so very much.

weze said...

You are such a lucky lovely lady to be doing such fun things especially having your picture taken with Mark!! Would love to win his booK!

Tona said...

It looks like you have been having a great time!
Tona Fiskateer #4437

S.D. Kirsten said...

Big Ass Book of Bling, huh. I love everything bling!!! I would love to put it to use!!!
Shawna Kirsten
Fiskateer #5468

Gail said...

Well I have a big ass and I love bling...thanks for the chance to win!
Pookiesmom6602at yahoo dot com

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