I promise the photos will follow, but using the hotel business center computer at the moment. There is a buzz in the air this CHA, so exciting. Charity Wings was setting up the booth today and I helped as I was able. The booth is so cute. Hope you all have bought a ticket and will be signing in to Live at CHA. Amazing interviews planned and absolutely fabulous prizes! Check it out at
While it has traditionally been the smaller show, I think there will be more than enough interesting new product here.
It's fun taking part. Charity Wings has an international cadre of volunteers this show with folk coming from Canada and Australia to help us out.
I'll try and get to the business center with news and reviews as I am able - though it will be busy.
Will draw my prize winner for the stamps when I get back.


BethW said...

Have fun and blessings for helping Charity Wings!

Denise Robinson said...

I appreciate the effort it took for you to write this. Thanks for these information.

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