It's "Faux", not "Fake"

 Had a lot of fun at Xmas visiting with my niece, Danielle. We went to a darling shop that had French antiques and quite a lot of things that "looked" like French antiques. We bought a few items and then we decided to make some of our own not so vintage antiques as personal Xmas presents. I bought more materials than we could use in one day, because I did not want her to be bored hanging out with me, though we did accomplish a lot in one day. I was over-prepared since her cousin, my son, Chris, had her spend a few days at his house. I called them fake antiques and Danielle strongly advised me to put the right emphasis on the exclusive nature of our original products by using the term in french - "FAUX". Spin is everything, of course. So, more projects for a future date either for me. Perhaps she may visit again soon?
Here are a few photos of our faux antiques - our beverage coasters, our boxed felted soaps, and our altered boxed matches. We did altered candles, too. Not quite as successful.

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