On a Roll

I have written a blog post which is waiting for me to take a photo before I publish it; and, here I am writing another. I've already done a few other posts earlier this week. Mindboggling! I'm amazed at how much one can get done even in little bits and pieces. I've been enjoying my latest edition of Scrapbooks, etc. It's always been my intention to sit down and scraplift an issue. I think I learn best by doing and it seems like such a good way to try the latest trends and use up some of my overwhelming stash.
I've been collecting sketches for a while. While I can use them, I've discovered that I prefer to scraplift a page from a photo or to just create an original one. I never scraplift exactly - that would be a lot more work than I am interested in; not to mention, very expensive and time consuming to research and purchase the exact products. Whew! Exhausted just thinking about that. However, scraplifting with substitutions is a fun endeavor.
What has been really fun is using up an SEI kit and trying to limit any other items to just what I have on my table right now. I've had to stash-dive for a few items but overall have been quite successful. It's been a blast. Remember a couple of posts back, the LO of my Mom, when I started using up the remains of the kit? Well, here are two more scraplifts taken from the magazine using up more of the kit. I still have stuff for cards, too!

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