A Walk In Sacramento

Nothing like blog traffic to encourage one to update the blog. Unfortunately, I lost my original post, which I often do when I write it directly in blogger. At least, in MSWord you cannot close without being reminded to SAVE! The blocks of text getting rearranged is less of a hazard, too!

It was fun to see my interview with Stacy Julian posted at Big Picture Classes today. The site is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Go visit, if you’ve not been there already. http://www.bigpictureclasses.com/blog/

Yesterday Cal and I took a walk around Ancil Hoffman golf course. It was a lovely warm fall day.

We saw lots of wildlife; thankfully, no mountain lions nor rattlesnakes. Plenty of less dangerous creatures were there. The turkeys were everywhere. Grateful, no doubt, that they will not be gracing any tables in a couple of weeks. Those holidays do seem like they are right on top of us, don’t they?

The sights were wonderful from the birds and animals to a little bit of fall color. Dozens of yellow jackets and hundreds of ladybugs darted into our path.

Delightful sounds greeted us along the way. The rapid rushing of the river, the rustle of racing fallen leaves, the clink of golf clubs hitting balls, the clunk of golf balls hitting trees, the chatter of squirrels, the gobble of turkeys and the honk of geese were just a few.

The smells were interesting, too. A fall flowering bush with a heavy sweet sickly smell, burgers cooking at the clubhouse and the sharp tangy scent of the wild dill that hung along the walkway begging for a caress.

I am a slow walker but Cal looked down on the golf course and critiqued the swings he observed while he waited for me to catch up.

We ended our walk luxuriating in a good cup of java at Boulevard Coffee.

Here are a few glimpses of our walk.


Maureen said...

Loved hearing your interview, but was MOST impressed with seven sons. WOW, LadyDoc. That's a lotta testosterone about.

Wishing you the best with your neck issues. I'm not far from Hopkins so say hello if you come east.

Thinkie said...

That looks like a great walk! Those leaves are pretty big!

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