Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scrapbooking is fun! Time for photos.

My friend Ms. Jackie found a fun day to take classes at Scrapbook Territory. Had a great time though the chairs were hard and it was a long day. The projects were colorful and lovely. I'm vary into colors right now, so perfect! I did manage to catch the train and enjoyed my trip to Berkeley. Besides less stress on my neck by avoiding driving, it was great to be able to get something to eat while travelling. Got another photo of my LO for the Paperclipping Festival without the long afternoon shadows on it.
I'm looking forward to my BPS photography class Picture Summer! It's nice to be challenged to take pictures. I have not taken many recently.
Tomorrow should be fun. We are planning a trip to the zoo to see the new baby Sumatran tiger. Hope to take some photos there. It's nice and shady and spots to rest so should be relaxing. It is supposed to be very HOT tomorrow. Summer is definitely here.
Am finally starting to learn to "relax". Leaving work, accepting life's changes, accepting limitations have all been major adjustments. I'm enjoying my hobbies, feeling less frustrated with the slow pace of things and focusing on the good things. Finally, a summer I can relish!

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Ms. Jackie said...

Wonderful job. Are we not too cute! Thanks for adding me in it. We did have fun.....and what a mess we made. Cannot wait until Aug. Fun, Fun, Fun.....

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