New projects and thoughts...

I've been working on an art journal class by Donna Salazar over at My Creative Classroom. Class is done. I'm not. Still have 4 pages and a cover to create. Slow nd steady does win the race.
My Scarlet Lime kit arrives as I considered a masculine page with flowers for my Nic Howard class at BPS. Works well for this grad LO.
I am sore and tired today after doing too much yesterday. I've got to get the pace of life a little better! Ha, ha! As if anyone could!
On top of everything I've now got braces. Thank goodness only on bottom teeth in the front. Lets me chew but still not comfortable. It will be so nice when the year has passed! I hate that extra time to thread the floss and fuss around the braces. That and the Obagi routine I've started are really eating into my day! Lots of steps! I'm sure I'll like the results. I have no problem with getting, or even looking older. I just want things to happen later. I also want to keep my teeth. They get more crowded as one ages and with braces they'll be easier to clean - eventually! So, should keep my own teeth all my life. Knock on wood - no bone diseases.
Superficial of me, I guess. My big challenges on this journey are diet and exercise. Diet so easily sabotaged by Cal's baking and exercise is becoming a routine though I must get it into more days.
Then again, I do like to create my little art projects and the dining room and crafts rooms remain a mess! I started this little essay out with a comment about having a less frenetic life, didn't I? I guess it is not to be. I know that the neck problem (cervical radiculopathy) does limit how fast I can get things done. Time on the computer does too. Unfortunately, this chair is one of the most comfortable for me in our house!
Enough diary musings! Good nite blog readers.

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