Missing In Action

Yes, no posts in a month. Not that I have not visited my blog or the internet just did not post. I admit to feeling a bit down about not working. I hate having a neck problem and a limited left arm.
Still, did a little fun stuff like a Xmas rap for my Fiskateer friends - see photo.
Have been doing LOTS of insurance paperwork.
It's new Years and thinking about resolutions to lose weight and exercise like most folk. Paticularly needed in view of what's going on with me.
I do get to do a little crafting. Cal got me a F.R.E.D.craft tool for Xmas which is helpful with my neck. I think a lot of crafters could benefit from this. Might even help prevent problems and certainly makes scrapbook pages more fun.
I am determined to take a few photos today if I can even finish my most recent moutain of disability paperwork and I'll show how F.R.E.D. works for me. Still working on that page I began to repair noted in my last post) and will hope to get back to that soon, too.
I am planning to go to the Craft and Hobby Association event in Anaheim this next week. I'm planning to spend some time volunteering for Scrapbook Royalty when there. It should be fun and I'll try to limit my activities so I feel mentally better and not physically worse at the end of it all.
I did a bit of web surfing this am to look at all the sneak peaks for CHA. Look like great new craft products.
It's a bit overwhelming at an a trade show so it's nice to know before going so I can focus on relaxing and my volunteering while there.
It's nice to be back on my blog and I'm looking forward to posting in the future.
Need to focus on the positive as life is short and unpredictable and something to enjoy even when challenges present.
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Madeline said...

I've started working my way through all the blogs that were posted last night on Insomniac's Craft Club.
Totally enjoying seeing all of them. I like that you post a variety of things on yours too. I have all of them bookmarked in a separate folder to I can find them easier. Will check back again.

Pinky said...

hehehe Love that picture, how fun! Your right life is full of ups and downs!

Tona said...

What a great photo!That's the way to keep your spirits up ;)

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