Craft Supershow

Here in Anaheim, started writing this just before midnight so the end of the day even though now already Friday. It is always noisy and chaotic around events like this. I have been taking care of myself and trying not to overdo though it's a late night. I don't feel compelled to do everything available and there is no way I could even finish the classes I signed up for. I got the class materials and will do them later. The SEI classes were excellent as usual - good written instructions so I can do them later. Took an easy class and did not finish that either but again should be easy to do later. Jessica from Scrappin-Escapes taught that and used some delightful Bo-Bunny papers.
The fun stuff is seeing the craft personalities in real life. They are all as fun and nice in person as on screen.
It's fun! It's educational. It's interesting.
If anyone is planning to attend something like this remember that it is impossible to do everything. Decide what will make you happy and focus on that. Do not carry anything if you can avoid it (fanny packs SMALL rolling carts, etc. are helpful).
Take time to sit down and rest, eat healthy and do not forget to eat.
Make friends and renew friendships.
I do recommend scrappers attend a big scrapbook event. It really adds to your enjoyment of your hobby.


Susie said...

I would love to hear about your SEI class....I love their paper and products. Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing !

susie #6652

weze said...

You are so lucky to be able to go to CHA but I am hoping on going to the one in Chicago this summer since that isn't so very far away!

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