Xmas Baking and Random Thoughts

The cheese puffs Cal makes are divine but have 70 calories a piece so are decadent! I love them.
Joe was here the other day and mixed my batter for fruit cakes. It was still a lot for me considering my numbness and weakness in my left arm and have had some increase in pain. Entirely worth it and Joe helped a lot so it's not as bad as it might have been. This photo is just after baking. Now wrapped and soaked with brandy and Grand Marnier. No dry tasteless fruitcake at our house! Full of currants and raisins and cherries and light on the citron and orange peel. Lots of good spices and sugar and all my little extras like chocolate!
Saw the folk from work on Tuesday at a colleague's retirement party and felt sad yesterday. I miss work. I do not miss the extra pain or having my arm hanging helplessly by my side at the end of the day. I do miss my patients and the good folk I worked with in Stockton.
I have a wonderful family and a lot of help at home so I can deal with my disability. Today I reflect on my blessings and my mood is much improved.
There is something wonderful about enjoying ones home and being able to rest when needed. I find a good night's sleep one of the best things in my life right now. My brother (14 months younger) died so suddenly a few weeks ago and it has made me aware once again of how fragile life can be, how rich each momentary pleasure. The beauty of a flower, the song of a bird, the warmth of the sun - all, too precious. I know now just how frenetic my life was before this set back and while I cannot think a sore and rather useless left arm is anything I'd wish for anyone else, it is a gift for me.
I am a bit anxious about the future; today, at least, I'm reminding myself to live in the moment and be happy.
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The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

To take a deep breath in such a kitchen is the stuff of shivers and bliss. Why I salivate just thinking of it. As for the rest precious are those who desire to live in the moment so you will do just fine I think.
All the very best,

Tona said...

Both yours & Cal's baking goodness looks wonderful!
I think you're on the right track focusing on your blessings and living in the moment & making the most of it.
Merry Christmas!

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