Danielle, Mom and Me

I am behind in editing many of my photos. Finally got around to these. Had a lot of fun in Canada two months ago visiting Mom and my niece, Danielle. Love the Okanogan. We tired Mom out that day but she got a second wind after a liesurely dinner. I still had the orange and green extensions from my Fiskateer BD Party celebration in Orlando.
Still doing paperwork at home with little diversions like this. Paperwork is just boring! Of course, the weather today was exciting. Sunny and calm now. Had 50 MPH winds earlier and lots and lots of rain though still behind what we need here in California.
Cal just fixed dinner. Smells good. I need to set the table.
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Maxine Hodges said...

Loved the extensions! You and mom look so happy. Iam sure you had a great visit! It was so nice to meet you in prson in Orlando. sounds like you have been on quite an adventure since then!
6,500 pictures, oh my!

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