Musical Theater

I just love live theater, especially musicals. Intermissions.There's no prolonged sitting. Am comfortable and can really get into the magic of the moment. Good movies are pretty good at it but nothing beats a live performance for me. Went to see Man of La Mancha last night at the Sacramento Music Circus. Hated for it to end. Walter Charles was magnificent as Cervantes/Don Quioxte. The entire experience was great. Loved it all.

Have planned a little light theater entertainment for later this month when Cal celebrates his 76 BD and he and I celebrate 20 years of marriage. That is a long time! Plan to attend Forever Plaid. Should be much fun!

Doing paperwork today. In many ways as I look through things for information I realize that mine has been a life postponed. I had not realized how much work was consuming me until I stopped. Too bad that I had to stop, as I did like doing what I did; but, I realize now that I was just doing too much.

Getting life in order though and that feels good.

Plumber was here today and got the new taps installed in the half bath. Cal is attaching the new knobs and hinges as I write and all will be complete. Nice to have that space in the 21st century and with ADA compliant features, too.

Busy with travel to Fiskateers party in Orlando -fantastic fun and so nice to meet virtual friends. It was a great party Happy 360 Birthday Fiskars! Then, CHA was interesting and it was a blast working with Elena and the other folk from Scrapbook royalty and my 1st Fiskateer friend Anita! The Greek Dinner later that nite with the belly dancing and folk dancing on tables and tossing paper napkins also quite memorable! The Consumer Craft show was fun on Friday especailly with the charity crop with nice classes but Sunday would have been a dud with so many classes cancelled if it were not for the fun class I had making a faux copper bracelet and the dinner with friends at the Cinderella Restaurant at the Grand Floridian!


NanaBeth said...

Looks like you had a very happy (well deserved) trip! Look at you with all those famous crafters-don't let it go to your head and forget us ordinary folk.

weze said...

great pictures there Karen! Lov the one of you dancing with SnowWhite!

Ms. Jackie said...

You go Karen. Look at you in FL. I know I missed the fun. OH well.... maybe next time

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