Sizzlin Summer Paper Chase Northern California

I wasn't going to join the Paper Chase today. Joe got a lot of little chores done around the house and our lunch and errands did not take nearly as long as I'd thought they would. I checked and saw Angela, lead Fiskateer, had not travelled too far down 99. I decided that I could easily catch up with her. Not exactly "easily" with two accidents on the road south to deal with. Nonetheless, after finding out I had not missed her by much in Galt -"A Tale in Time" with friendly owner Dale pictured here - I caught up with her and her kids in Lodi. Fun store there, "Memories for the Making" with lots of cool stuff. Some neat glitter embellies Angela and I had not seen before.
Next went to "Katie's World" in Stockton. Katie pictured with Angela and holding a delicious minibook. She is having a class in October and I must attend to learn to make this gorgeous and very fun book! Note Angela's son helping her document her progress in the other photo.
Finished up at Kathie's store "Scrapbook Dreams" which I consider one of my LSS ( Green Tangerines in Rocklin is my other). Loved her make and take page!
Drove home on US 5 wondering about all the cars zipping past at 90+MPH. I saw a lot of speed checks on the road, too. Did not seem to slow them down. What were those folk thinking, weaving in and out of traffic at those speeds?!!! Likely, no thought at all.
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Suzi said...

I'm so jealous. Angela will be in San Jose tomorrow, only an hour away! But I need to conserve my energy, which isn't much, for my trip to Denver that's comin' up! But after those lung lavages, watch out! I'm really happy for you, though. What a treat that must have been, and I'm sure Angela was thrilled that you went to the trouble to chase her down!

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