OK, I'm, tardy. Just started on the cover of my ECWL (everyone can write a little) class taught by Cathy Zielske at
Love the sparkle on the striped front cover paper - My Mind's Eye. Just waiting for a delicious moment to use that stuff. But, now, do I buy more? A dilemma, as I love my stash! Some folk have a passion to just use it, others to collect. I'm sure I'm more of the latter than the former.
Nonetheless, I am creating today. It's a big step as this is a digital scrapbooking class and I've started a lot of those classes but never have finished any of them. Something about digital I must get past. Not that I do not do hybrid pages, but "lumpy" is my style. No, I only sometimes pile on embellishments; but, I think the categories of scrapping are just those: digital, lumpy and hybrid.
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KateB said...

am glad to see you are using my favorite tool!

KateB (F #4529)

MaryNSC said...

OO I want to see more of it.. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!

Barb said...

love your blog...looks very nice

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