Monday, June 1, 2009

CBC: Clean Before the Cleaner

My reply to Angela Daniel's blog post on the CBC.
If you work a cleaner is not a luxury but a necessity. My cleaner does not always do the job as well as I'd like but does it well enough. Getting the carpets steam cleaned and the windows cleaned and using an air filter help keep down the dust anyways!
I, too, do the CBC because I cannot stand the way everything gets stacked up together when the cleaner tidies.
I do it enough impossible stacking myself (I no longer am embarrassed when my husband asks what color wood the dining room table is, or if we even have one - that room's where terminal clutter goes!)
Having a DH who cooks is a real treat. Well, more than a treat, really. I have baked but rarely cook. I look at baking as scientific like planned experiments vs cooking which is like art and not an art I've persued. I burned the pork chops on our first date and that sealed the deal.
After all, years of long hours in the hospital mean lots of basic unexciting hospital food was the mainstay of my diet for so many years. Even now, many times my main meal is the cafeteria at work since I get home too late for DH's meal.
I'm putting this long reply on my blog since I did run on about my life. But, I completely am there with you Angela.

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I just wish I could say I was a doctor... lol! Part of what attracted me to my husband initially is that he was cooking some amazing meals for my roommates and I when we first met him as our next door neighbor.

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