Every year I say "Well, maybe I do not need to decorate and do Xmas things like usual." I then I get in a mad frenzy and put over 500 ornaments on my tree and stockings by the fireplace and bake and do a Xmas project AND make gifts and I start this all the week before Xmas.
That very run on sentence describes this frantic time in my life. I think I'll post a few photos of Xmas past that resemble now and I'll see if I can get around to photos of this year's decor later tonight. I have already posted the Gingerbread House. I will not say never again. I'm thinking it though! Glad I did one Gingerbread House! One of those - must do before I die - sort of things. Kind of like taking the tour of Italy. Italy was definitely more of a life important highlight! I am reflecting on my travels and realize I have not yet posted any photos of Australia or New Zealand. Fantastic fun that trip was, too. Vast expanse so not as fun as Italy because of the travel distances involved. At least, I did not have Cal complaining that he was NOT going to visit one more church. Thank you very much! Well on to mad cap frenzy of Xmas activity so I'll post a few photos and maybe will get back to the blog one of the days before the Big Day!

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